Alexander's Family

The Family

a picture of alexander vingan

Alexander Vingan

he is the head of the family. He is an educated chef, and married to Rebekka. Alexander decided to become a chef after two years of mechanic school. He figured that he did not want to pursue a carrer in that, as he did not get an outlet for his creativity. after working a year in a groccerie store, he figured he would follow in his fathers foot steps and become a chef. The year after he was back to school to study once again. he fifinshed cullinary school, got his diploma, and was happy with life.

a picture of Rebekka vingan

Rebekka Vingan

wife of Alexander Vingan, and mother to his unborn child "lava", he is wokring as a nurse, and going to school to work with menthal health and drug addictions.

this is a picture of our cat Tony


out cat and brother to Pablo, he is 6 years old. likes to sleep and food.

this is a picture of our cat pablo


our other cat and brother of Tony, he likes to hunt, bring his pray home at night, usually alive. he also likes to cuddle, and is a very social cat. And he is very hard to get good photo's of.


Lava does not get a picture, as she is not born yet. she is suppose to come to this world at 6th of January 2021.